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Jumat, 28 September 2012


-Selection for KIZUNA Trip to Japan-
Hosted by The Japan Foundation, Jakarta
Collaborated by LIPI
(Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia / Indonesian Institute of Sciences)
Application deadline: October 31st, 2012
Why youth competition now?
Indonesia and Japan are both countries where we have a lot of natural disasters. Especially after the March-11-earthquake in 2011, more people have become aware that there are values and lessons we can learn from the crisis in order to be more prepared for the disasters in the future.
The youth, are the agents of change that determine what the future will be. In Indonesia, the wave of young people’s participation in giving social contribution is growing fast in various issue-areas, including disaster as one of the major problem faced by Indonesia, today.
Seeing this spirit and momentum of fast-growing youth participations, The Japan Foundation, Jakarta and Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) encourage Indonesian youth proactive involvement on disaster reconstruction and to convey knowledge on education for disaster prevention through a competition in showing past activities as well as proposing what you can build as improved or new projects for disaster education. Thus here we announce the call for application for the Youth Competition for Disaster Education.
What have been your past activities in disaster and education? How do you improve your activities? Are you motivated enough to learn from Japanese experiences? –If you are ready to answer to these questions, please read the following details, and prepare for the application!
The 24 winners (or six organizations/groups) will be awarded as the part of the Kizuna (Bond) Project in February and March 2013 to participate in the 12-days of study trip to Japan and to contribute in experiencing the reconstruction efforts of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Note: For the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Kizuna (Bond) project is going to hold exchange programmes involving more than 10,000 youths (high school students, college students, etc.) from Asia Pacific and North America (41 countries and regions) by the end of March 2013, and help promote understanding of the international community toward Japan’s revitalization.
Who can apply?
*please read carefully

- Organization or group which has records of activities in the field of disaster and education in Indonesia, or in helping post-disaster reconstruction including charitable fund-raising. Application is based on organization or group, not on individual.
- Applying organization does not need to hold formal legal status. Both formally registered organization or informal group under an organizational name are eligible.
- Applying organization/group and members are eager to learn from Japan’s experience of disaster and disaster prevention.
- Each applying organization/group should be consisted of 4 individual members. The composition of the 4 individuals has to be 2 male and 2 female.
- Individual members have to be equal or under 28 years old, as of the date of application (October 31st).
- Each individual member has to be an active university or graduate student (who presents student ID and an official letter from university certifying that he/she is a student there) and has Indonesian nationality.
- Each individual member has to play and present his/her role within the organization.
- One application from one organization/group only. (If there are several organizations/groups within a university, it is ok that more than one organization/group applies from the same university, as far as they are different organizations/groups.)
- Individual members have to be able to participate in the whole program in English.
- The individual members have to be in good physical and mental condition.
- If late for deadline, or be absent from the second screening (group presentation), the application will be considered as withdrawn and will automatically fail.
- Please make sure that all members can participate in the whole screening process as well as in case of being accepted, also to the trip to Japan.
- In case any individuals cannot join the selection process due to an inevitable circumstance, the applying organization/group may change the participating individual(s), if this is prior to the 2nd selection,
When is the deadline? And when do we present? Don’t be late!
September 27th, 2012 Call for application started.
October 31st, 2012 Application deadline (by 17:00, Jakarta time, GMT +7). Document screening started (first round selection).
November 15th, 2012 Notification of the result for the first round selection. Invitation for the second round selection (group presentation)
December 5th, 2012 Group Presentation (second round selection) at The Japan Foundation, Jakarta
December 10th, 2012 Final nominees announced
January 2013 Pre-trip orientation
February 18th – March 1st, 2013 Trip to Japan (12 days)
What should I prepare and submit?
Please prepare and submit the following documents.
a. Group Application Form (Form A).
b. Individual Application Form/Curriculum Vitae (Form B).
c. Attachments (brochure, annual reports, etc.), if any.
d. Photos that shows organization/group activities in a separated A4 paper size
Note: Group Application Form (Form A) and Individual Application Form (Form B), both can be downloaded at the end of this page.
Where should I send the documents?
The documentations submission as follows:
You can submit either by postal mail, or by email attachment.
1. By postal mail: The documents are submitted in a brown envelope with “YOUTH COMPETITION FOR DISASTER EDUCATION” written at the top left of the envelope.
- To be submitted by post to P.O. BOX: 6902/JKSST, Jakarta 12069, Indonesia.
- The postmark on the envelope has to be at the latest by October 31st, 2012.
2. By email.
Please email the whole documents to Mr. Adhi at, with the title of the email “YOUTH COMPETITION FOR DISASTER EDUCATION”.
If you have questions, please contact our staff member!
Purwoko Adhi Nugroho (Mr.)
Assistant Program Officer
Japanese Studies & Intellectual Exchange Section The Japan Foundation, Jakarta
Tel +62-21-520-1266
Fax +62-21-525-5159
Mobile +62-811-168-0824
On behalf of the organizers, we are looking forward to seeing many enthusiastic applications from all around Indonesia!
Tell your friends about this program via Facebook, Twitter, etc!


Application Form for Youth Competition for Disaster Education Download
Application Form for Youth Competition for Disaster Education (Ms. Excel 97-2003 Fomat) Download

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