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Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Bizplan Ideas Competition @ MBA ITB Jakarta


In conjunction with our Entrepreneurship MBA, we aim to invite student entrepreneurs to develop and present their fledgling business ideas to real investors and get professional feedback. Moreover, we expect that the participants would gain long-lasting benefits such as entrepreneurial skill enhancement, increased communication and team-working skills, risk-taking aptitude, and access to have entrepreneurial coaching sessions delivered by professional entrepreneurs, industrial practitioners, and academicians.
At the same time, this business plan competition would attract companies as the sponsors to seek for the possibility of original business ideas which might support their companies. With the sponsorship, we aim to provide winners for a number of awards that would encourage them to start up their entrepreneurship journeys.

The Event

This business plan competition is a continuous event before you reach the FINAL. Below is the explanations and pay attention to those dates that you cannot miss out. The detail as follow:
bizplan idea competition @ mba itb jakarta
bizplan idea competition @ mba itb jakarta
February – April: Open Application
This is the time when you need to email us for registration. After we receive your email, we will reply you with Registration Form and Abstract Template (and don’t forget to include your scanned Student-ID card). Complete it and email back to us no later than 6 April 2011.
Who can apply? YOU who are still currently studying to get your Bachelor degree and having a strong passion in Entrepreneurship world. You could apply as individual or team with maximum of three participants.
27 April 2011: 3 Minutes Presentation
After we have your registration form and abstract, we will have our first screening process. We will invite those who pass the first screening to have their abstract presented for 3 minutes in front of our judges.
Coaching Series
We understand that to write a business plan has never been easy. If you pass your 3 minutes presentation, we will provide you some coaching sessions. It is expected that these coaching sessions would benefit your business plan. Here, we will invite a mix of academicians and industry practitioners as well as professional entrepreneurs to be your coach. They will provide you with knowledge and inspiration. As planned, the timeline would be:
23 May : Foundation of Business Plan/Ideas
30 May : Marketing
6 June : Operation
13 June : Finance
Held at Jakarta Campus, coaching would take only three hours for each date stated above. You will be placed in the class with all participants to get insight and take a note.
6 July 2011: The Celebrations
After the coaching sessions, we will have those 5 best finalists to present. The Finale celebration will be held at 09.00 – 12.00 with venue:
Auditorium Binakarna – Hotel Bidakara
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 71-73
Jakarta 12870
In this celebration, these finalists would battle each other by 15 minutes presentation before the awarding ceremony takes place. The judges at the Finale would be selected from academicians to investors. Who will WIN?

How to Apply

It is simple and easy. Just follow this flowchart and you will be fine. The flowchart as below:
What are you waiting for?
Email us and get your form with abstract template of business plan. The registration is FREE of Charge.

Prize & Pride

This is what you have been waiting for. This might be only cash. But on the other side, you have inevitably sutured your name in today’s Entrepreneurs sphere.
Winner 1 : IDR 10,000,000
Winner 2 : IDR   5,000,000
Winner 3 : IDR   3,000,000
The Promising : IDR    2,000,000
The Talented : IDR    1,000,000

The Sponsorship

This event could not be run well with no sponsors involved. With humble, we invite sponsors who wish to contribute in this event. At the celebrations on 6 July 2011, sponsors would have:
Gold – IDR 50 mio
Be a juror at the Finale*
Give 5minutes Opening Speech
Open booth size 2×2 m inside the auditorium
Company Logo would be displayed on every event promotional tools such as website, etc
Silver – IDR 30 mio
Be a guest coach at Coaching session*
Open booth size 2×2 m outside the auditorium
Company Logo would be displayed on every event promotional tools such as website, etc
*Please be informed, sponsors’ representative who would join us as Juror and Guest Coach must meet our requirements.

This Business Plan Competition is organized by MBA Jakarta and CIEL (Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership) Institut Teknologi Bandung. For further information, please contact us:
MBA ITB – Jakarta Campus
Gedung Binasentra 1st floor – Komplek Bidakara
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 71-73
Pancoran – Jakarta 12870
Ph: (021) 83793458

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